The Documentary Shorts Nominations in Oscar

There are fifteen Oscar-nominated shorts in three categories as Documentary, Animation, and Live Action. There are five nominations in each category.

In the documentary section, the public attention is towards A Love Song for Latasha. It is by far-reaching the peak of popularity and quality.

These shorts are within the theatrical release. But because of the pandemic, the situation forced the shorts filmmakers to conduct the releases in the virtual cinema viewings.

In the documentary section, there are some worthy films to check. But what caught the public attention is A Love Song for Latasha. It is by far-reaching the peak of popularity and quality.

A Love Song for Latasha is the best of them. And most of you who read this article should be familiar with this title because it is available on Netflix. This film tells a story about Latasha Harlins, a 15-years-old black girl who was shot to death by a liquor store clerk. The clerk wrongly accused her of stealing a bottle of orange juice.

Sophie Nahli Allison is the director of the movie. It is not only about Harlin’s death. The movie is also about her short life and her connections with her family.

It is a memorial film that needs to be taken into consideration seriously by the film fans. The film also shows the private life of Harlin which has never entered the news before.

The short movie Harlin is also to show us the fraction of racism and injustice in America. Many people, especially the millennial generation, claimed that they have not heard about this before. This documentary will also tell them about the history that is rooting in the US.

Latasha’s voice is featured in the film. This shows the recollections about what she said. It revolves around people who love Latasha. Chinese and Ty are speaking about Latasha and how they dealt with her death.

The filmmaker of this movie is very accurate and precise in showing the true sides of the case revolving Latasha. They add animations and effects to show the portrait of Latasha. Latasha met Ty, her best friend by rescuing her from the boys who attacked her.

After the death of her mother, Latasha worked hard in school to pursue her dream to become a lawyer.

The eldest of the three siblings went to a store to buy the orange juice that day. It was her to be there because others in the family didn’t want to go to the liquor store for any reason. Latasha’s death was one of the factors that led to the L.A. Riots in 1992.

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