2021 Oscars Best Picture Predictions

The 2021 Oscars moment of truth is getting near. Although there are dozens of categories that we will be seeing in such a prestigious event, we are always attracted to the most prestigious one: Best Picture.

Two weeks ago, the officials had announced the nominees for the Best Picture. There are some films that you may have watched and predicted before. The front runners are Mank and Nomadland since they have the most numbers of nomination categories. But these are not guaranteeing that one of them takes the crown for the Best Picture.

2021 Oscars Best Picture Predictions

So, Who Will win? Let’s see the list of the films which get the nomination for the Best Picture first.

The Father

The Father tells about the revolving world around an older man with dementia. Besides having the Best Picture nomination, it also has an Actor, Supporting Actress, Production Design, as well as Adapted Screenplay. Hopkins and Colman grabbed the SAG nominations. It is a good film, really. But it is not strong enough to be a winner.

Judas and the Black Messiah

This film is about the assassination of Fred Hampton, leader of Black Panther by the FBI. It revolves around the informant who contributed to the result of the assassination. Besides being nominated in the Best Picture, it also gets the Original Screenplay, Original Song, Supporting Actor, as well as Cinematography. It could win since a lot of critics have been nodding for Kaluuya’s performance.


Hands down. This movie is one of the best masterpieces in this decade. It is a comedy biography of Herman J. Mankiewicz, the screenwriter of Citizen Kane. Besides the Best Picture, it also attains another nine nominations in Oscars. This film has the most nominations this year. However, it could be challenging to be the winner.

The Trial of the Chicago 7

The Trial of the Chicago 7 is also a late entry for the Oscars. If you haven’t watched the film, embrace yourself to see the conspiracy revealed in the courtroom. It also has other nominations including Editing, Cinematography, Original Song, Original Screenplay, as well as Supporting Actors. It was a favorite to win Golden Globes. But it only came out with a screenplay award. It also got an ensemble nod and a PGA nod.

Da 5 Bloods

It is about a band of Black Vietnam vets who return to the country. They struggled to find their friend’s body and treasure as a side mission. Besides the Best Picture, it only attains another category nomination which is the Original Score. It attains a lot of nods in the Best Picture. It has better performance at SAG nominations. However, it will be difficult to win the Best Picture at the Oscars.


Minari is about a Korean immigrant family who moved in the 1980s to Arkansas. Besides the Best Picture, it also attains 5 other nominations. Minari is the later entry compared to the other films. But with that fact alone, we could agree that it has a lot of potentials to win the Best Picture.


Nomadland shows the personal sides of a woman who is exploring America with her van. Her only hope is her van. It also attains another five nominations. As mentioned, Nomadland is a front runner. This film is great in every aspect. So, I believe that it could have the greatest potential to win the Best Picture.

Promising Young Woman

The film revolves around an ex-med-school student who dropped out after her best friend got raped. She can’t hold her anger and comes with a dark mission. She pretends to get drunk at every bar she visits and gives the perverts a big lesson. The other nominations that it got are Actress, Editing, Original Screenplay, as well as Director. It has a slight chance to win the Best Picture.

Sound of Metal

This film can be related to the big fans of metal music or regular movie lovers. It shows the story of a heavy metal drummer who loses his hearing. For most musicians, it is a death sentence. Therefore, his condition led him to look for something valuable he forgot in his life. Other than Best Picture, it got the nominations for the other 5 categories as well. In the acting category, it indeed has the chance to win. However, Best Picture will be a real challenge.

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