2021 Oscars Best Actor Predictions – Who will win?

The Oscars Best Actor is one of the most awaited nomination categories for Oscars fans across the globe. If you haven’t known the nominees yet, it is interesting to see the SAG-nominated five actors also get the Oscars five.

2021 Oscars Best Actor Predictions

It is not a surprising fact because many experts had also predicted the outcome back then. And it is also fair to expect Mads Mikkelsen comes as the sixth nominee in the series.

Another surprising outcome is Steven Yeun nomination. He is the very first Asian-American who takes the nomination. Meanwhile, Riz Ahmed is the very first Muslim lead actor as the nominee.

But the records do not stop there.

Oscars also have Anthony Hopkins as the oldest Best Actor nominee in history. Anyway, the great superstar is at his fantastic 83 years old.

Last but not least, Chadwick Boseman is the first Black posthumous Best Actor nominee.

Here are the descriptions of each nominee.

Chadwick Boseman

As mentioned, he is the first black posthumous Best actor nominee in the Oscars series. His movie is “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”.

Oscars had never nominated him before. And the movie is about the intense recording session and the problem between Ma Rainey and her surroundings.

The film is based on the Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson’s play with the same title.

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins is definitely a renowned name in the Hollywood world. His latest film is “The Father”.

In his entire career, he has attained nominations in Oscar history. But he only won once for the Best Actor category from The Silence of the Lambs film in 1991.

The Father revolves around an elder man who refuses all the errands from his family, especially his daughter. He struggles with life by himself. He begins to question if there’s any love left in his family. And he tries to make his own reality in his life.

Riz Ahmed

Riz Ahmed casts as Ruben, a metal drummer who begins to lose his hearing. For an avid musician, it is such wreckage in life. The hearing deterioration starts to ruin his life as a musician. Riz Ahmed has never gotten nominated for Oscars before.

Steven Yeun

For those who have been big fans of the Walking Dead, you must be familiar with this fantastic actor. Steven Yeun’s Minari film is one of the best and relevant films in the world. It tells a story about a Korean family who moves to Arkansas to start a new life on a farm. The timeline is 1980s. He has never gotten the nomination in Oscars before.

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman’s performance in Mank has stunned a lot of audiences across the globe. In Oscar History, he has gotten 2 nominations. He achieved 1 win in “Darkest Hour”. in “Mank”, he played as Herman J. Mankiewicz, a screenwriter who is in an attempt to finish the Citizen Kane screenplay for Orson Welles. It is the 1930s recalls of the screenwriter biography with some comedic twists.

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Where will we put our money?

All of the actors mentioned above are great ones. If you’re asking about our picks, it would be hard to answer such a question.

Our first pick was the great hero Chadwick Boseman. But we cannot overlook all of the charisma that Anthony Hopkins has. Riz Ahmed might be a new face for some folks but his considerable existence in Hollywood is not hard to notice.

Then we have Steven Yeun who has such a huge fan base in the US alone, thanks to the latest Minari film.

During the pandemic, most events around the earth must flex their schedule. One of the largest events, the Oscars also makes compromises. It will take place on April 25, 2021, two months later than its predecessor. But it is a good one since we can see the late entry like Minari. Steven Yeun scored the noods in Indie Spirit, SAG, as well as Critics Choice Awards.

In Sundance, there was also “The Father” launch. The Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins appeared once again.

The frontrunner for the Best Actor is Chadwick Boseman.

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