There Will be No Zoom for the Upcoming Oscars 2021

Many have been wondering how the Oscars will show during the pandemic. As confirmed by the officials, there will be attendees in the venue of the Oscars. And there will be the application of the covid-19 protocols. The attendees, participants, and officials will apply the social distance. But there is no Zoom meeting involved in the event.

The attendees, participants, and officials will apply the social distance. But there is no Zoom meeting involved in the event.

The officials will hold the upcoming Oscars at Los Angeles’ Union Station. It is going to be a different Oscars from the former because Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre will show additional elements in the event.

As most of us have been aware of, we cannot say that Zoom comm was working for Golden Globes. The virtual event of the Golden Globes was not perfect because of some technical issues. Not to mention that the Zoom feeds were pretty bad back then.

Meanwhile, the Oscars in the LA’s Union Station will welcome their guests, nominees, and presenters in the attendance list. There will not be a ZOOM means of communication option.

There’s a good reason for this. The officials have worked together to make a good live event that many people across the globe can enjoy, more especially for the avid film fans. Learning from the virtual Golden Globes, the virtual stuff will only make these efforts gone.

The on-site covid-19 protocols will be more relevant since there will be a huge number of attendees coming to the venue. The Covid-19 safety team will screen the attendees with the PCR testing and particular protocols for folks who are already in LA and those who are coming later. Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre is responsible to showcase more entertaining elements for the event.

Here is a great hook. The producers have asked the nominee to participate in a brief interview to share their stories to the journey of the Oscars nomination.

And you might be wondering what’s vibrant color will take place in the Oscars 2021. As confirmed by the Oscars organizer, the dress code is “a fusion of inspirational and aspirational”. This will be against casual wear.

The nominees will have the pre-show gathering at the courtyard of Union Station. At the chance, they can meet the other nominees and guests. It will be a fun and memorable experience for everyone who attends the venue.

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