The Speculations about Changes After Raising-Brow Oscars Restrictions due to Pandemic

We know that Academy officials announced that there would be no zoom options for the nominees. This change, just as you may expect, could raise the eyebrows of all the participants.

Oscars Restrictions due to Pandemic
The Speculations about Changes After Raising-Brow Oscars Restrictions due to Pandemic

If they cannot use zoom to accept the Oscars, they will need to attend the venue. And if all of the nominees should attend the venue, there’s a risk of violating the covid-19 protocols. Well, the officials will need to rotate the different sets of nominations categories rather than seating all the nominees for the entire show.

There have been rumors revolving around the internet society about how the nominees are going to accept their oscars.

It is such a dilemma. the CDC director Rochelle Walensky stated her concerns about the possible fourth surge of breakouts in the US. The new waves at the hotspots could be happening. and if you’ve been following the news revolving around the covid-19, you’ll agree that the events which attract crowds can impose the risks of the infections.

The concern is also significant for the upcoming Academy Awards. It will happen a month from now and we don’t see the good changes in the covid cases lately. Some nominees and attendants have been nervous about their attendance in the Oscars night show.

Around two weeks ago, there was a letter sent to the nominees informing that there would be no Zoom means of communication. So, how are they going to accept their oscars?

The officials encourage the nominees to attend the Union Station. It is a place of AMPAS which comes with the spots for receiving the Oscars. According to the event organizers, they apply the strict Covid Protocols and measurements to ensure the safety of the nominees and all involved parties.

Meanwhile, the Dolby Theatre will be showing the other elements of Academy Awards. All in all, there will be no one place for all the participants of the upcoming Academy Awards.

Oscars will also loosen the Zoom elimination. Removing Zoom from the means of communication procured the backlash from the nominees. Well, changing the rules for remote participation will indeed contradict with the pandemic situation right now. Many folks cannot get out of home because of the strict protocols from their government. Oscars should also consider this aspect.

The Show’s producers Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher, and Jesse Collins have invited the nominees to meet in the Zoom call for informing them of the updates about the show. the updates inform the nominees about how they are going to accept the awards. That includes the solutions for those who are not going to LA for participating in the event. 

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