2022 Oscars Best Actor: Our Predictions, Ranking & Winner

Oscar Best Actor Winner 2022

Here we update the Oscar Best Actor Winner 2022. See our Oscar Best Actor Winner Predictions & Ranking from below:

Oscars Best Actor WinnerTBA

2022 Oscars Best Actor

Our Oscars 2022 Best Actor Predictions & Ranking

1Will Smith“King Richard”Warner Bros
2Benedict Cumberbatch“The Power of the Dog”Netflix
3Andrew Garfield“Tick, Tick … Boom!”Netflix
4Denzel Washington“The Tragedy of Macbeth”Apple Original Films/A24
5Javier Bardem“Being the Ricardos”Amazon Studios

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So, who’s going to have the best potential to be the frontrunner of this category?

Will Smith has had a long and famous professional career, and he is still going strong. Since 1938, Golden Globe winners for Best Actor, such as King Richard, have gone on to win an Academy Award, as he did this year for his performance in The King and I.

It’s a very reasonable conclusion. Having previously tried his hand at more “serious” parts, Smith was an excellent option to play the role of King Richard. In the film, he takes on the role of tennis coach Richard Williams, who happens to be a member of the Williams family and a parent himself. Tick…Tick… According to the oddsmakers, Andrew Garfield will play Jonathan Larson in the upcoming film The Martian. Through the incorporation of singing into his presentation, he may have been able to change the power balance in his favor.

It appears, however, that momentum takes control in a single move of the body. The Power of the Dog, in which Benedict Cumberbatch stars and for which he is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor, has garnered overwhelmingly excellent reviews.

Denzel Washington’s portrayal as Macbeth is a complete and utter disaster when contrasted to the other performers. Javier Bardem, who had been associated to Nicole Kidman’s project in the past, has decided to leave the project. It is recommended that you only bring one gift at a time.

For their performances as best actor in a major role, Will Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch have been nominated for Academy Awards in 2022.

For Best Actor in a Motion Picture, only Smith and Cumberbatch have been nominated: Smith for “King Richard” and Cumberbatch for “The Power of the Dog.” Smith is the only actor nominated in this category. In the race for “tick, tick…boom!” the second and third place finishers are Andrew Garfield (tick, tick…), Denzel Washington, and Javier Bardem in “Macbeth: The Tragedy!” and “Ricardos!” respectively. The possibility exists that none of these films will fare well at the Academy Awards in 2022.

Because of his triumph at the SAG Awards on February 27, he was virtually certain to hold his lead for the remainder of the month. In the film “King Richard,” Smith portrays Richard Williams, the father of tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams. Richard Lawson, a reviewer for Vanity Fair, predicted that Will Smith will win the Academy Award for Best Actor in September. Smith has never won an Academy Award for Best Actor, despite receiving nominations for “The Pursuit of Happiness” and “Ali” in the past two years.

Smith and Washington co-starred in the 2001 film “Training Day,” which earned Washington his lone Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his performance. Finally, Washington’s chances of catching up with Smith are slim. Although she did not win, Washington’s candidacy for an Academy Award was notable for its originality. In addition to Nicholson and Tracy, Al Pacino, and Laurence Olivier each received eight nominations, while Pacino and Olivier received nine nominations apiece. There are now at least nine nominations pending in the White House.

Cumberbatch, on the other hand, has garnered a nomination for a BAFTA award but not an Oscar nomination.

“tick, tick… BOOM!” is a Netflix musical that is now streaming. Garfield is an intriguing dark horse for people who don’t care either Smith or Cumberbatch’s performances. Despite the fact that the picture was not widely expected to be nominated for Best Picture, Garfield had a better chance of winning than most other actors.

Last but not least, we have Bardem. Bardem co-stars in Aaron Sorkin’s Lucille Ball with Nicole Kidman, and he was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role in the film.

In 2017, newcomers Steven Yeun, Riz Ahmed, and Chadwick Boseman were all nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actor. However, the nominees for the Best Actor category for the Academy Awards in 2022 have already been announced. Considering that each of these outcomes has the potential to change the course of history or award a long-respected performer with his or her first Academy Award, Best Actor is one of the most intriguing categories at the Academy Awards in 2022.

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